Limited edition of our latest LP is out. You can order it on web site Insane Society Records.

We are preparing West Europian tour together witj SHEEVA YOGA. See section shows. We are still looking for shows on 5.9. in Italy and 10.9. in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. Could you help us? Write us through e mail gride.core@tiscali.cz.





After some hectic period, we are coming with some news... The main news is, that we recorded new stuff for upcoming full lenght LP. This LP will be called Zaskuby chaosu and you can enjoy 15 new tracks. Vinyl version will be released by Insane Society, CD by Obscene Production. There will be also some bonus tracks on CD from splir EP's with Lycanthrophy and Lahar. The LP will be released on limited version with different cover sleeve and colour of vinyl. CD and LP should be put out to Obscene Extreme Fest in Trutnov.

We prepare tour West Europe together with czech power violence gods Sheeva Yoga. The tour will be in September and we would like to visit Austria. Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany, so if you can help us, write. We have still some day without gigs... The tour will start on Gride's 15 years anniversary gig 2, September in camp Rechle near to our hometown Prachatice. We fixed bands Sheeva Yoga, See You In Hell, Lycanthrophy, Lahar, Ingrowing, Radiolokator, Uchazim and I.B.H.C.

There were added some new gigs in Shows.



Short Fast and Loud 24 has been released. This issue is dedicated to 10 year anniversary and 10" compilation record is added. Thic compilation contains even song Posledni minuta - Kolaps by GRIDE. Another participants are: VÖETSEK, Larm, Coke Bust, Voetsek, Lack Of Interest, Seein Red, Brutal Truth, Extortion, Superbad, Noisear, Catheter, Enemies Of Inertia, Brodys Militia, Wasteoid, Pretty Little Flower, Slight Slappers, Street Pizza, Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation, Conquest For Death, Torture Unit, Total Fucking Destruction.... each band presents unreleased song. Ask your favorite distributor!

Next two weekends we will play minitour with our friend-bands SEE YOU IN HELL, LAHAR and SHEEVA YOGA. These bands and heir mamber are our long standing friends and we expect a lot of fun on this tour.



We have made a change in line up recently. Maxeek left the band, because of lack of his time. His position was replaced by Michal. We played three gigs with him already and he blended to band as a musician and as a human being.

We canceled our partipation on split LP with VÖETSEK. We will record some new song and release fulll lenght LP on Insane Society records in Summer this year.

The sections Discography and Bio were updated.



We have been really hurry first half of this year. Form your opinion: we toured USA with our trans-atlantic brothers P.L.F. Two weeks of our best tour ever...many looooong travels, great shows and awesome friendly people. We toured many states, from rhe west coast to the east through interesting landscape and in fantastic cities. We are really grateful to Frank and Dave of P.L.F. and our rowdies Jason and Neal for wonderful experience. We would like to thank also all bands and friends, who organized gigs and parties for US...you rule!!!! Last four days we stayed on Maryland Fest with many great bands....IRON LUNG, CAPITALIST CASUALTIES, DRI, VERBAL ABUSE, CONVERGE, DECEASED, OBITUARY, ENTOMBED, MAGRUDERGRIND, AUTOPSY, COFFINS and many more. Thanx to Ryan for invtation.

Last weekend we played on Mort Fest in France near to Nantes. Fantastic festival at landscape, interestic bands and fucking crazy mosh pit. We traveled with czech legendary noise core band NAPALMED there. Again really loooooong trip about 20 hour of riding. Uffff.

Releasing of split LP with VOETSEK has been moved to autumn, because of VOETSEK, We are waiting to recording their stuff.



After some time, there are some news. We have managed many things: tour with DEZINFEKCE around Balkany and Greece, to contribute to compilation LP Poslouchate Jizni Cechy II and to record new stuff for upcoming split LP with VÖETSEK. But let's take it one after another:

The tour was awesome, we would like to thank all people, who helped us with organizing and everybody, who came to our shows. You rule!!!

Poslouchate Jizni Cechy is compilation LP of bands from South of Czech Repubulic. Besides us there are also RADIOLOKATOR (thrash metal project of our two members and two members of LAHAR) PRESSBOIL, DEINFEKCE (our two member play there too), S.O.S, P.M.L.Z, MURUROA and DEN ZA DNEM. It could be best compilation of czech band of last years. Also limited edition with different colour of cover sleeve and vinyl was released, so hurry up!!!

In early January we recorded in Shaark Studio new stuff for split LP with VÖETSEK. We recorded about 12 minutes: 6 our songs and one cover song of FILTHY CHRISTIANS.

We have informed you already, that we will play on Maryland Death Fest. But we will organize more than one gig in USA. We would play 14 day tour with P.L.F. More informations soon.

Insane Society released many our T Shirts, so if you are interested in it, you can check www.insanesociety.net



Insane Society has released our new EP. It is split EP with THEMA 11 - Czech dark hardcore. Stuff of our side was recorded last year in Shaark studio. It contains two our own songs - Volani divociny, Neurorevolution - and cover song Ziletky of PSI VOJACI, old Czech alternative band. This song we would like to dedicate to all old undergound bands, which had to fight to communist regime before 1989. The side od THEMA 11 contains one song, which has been inspired by tunes of famous movie Unce Upon the West. Their interpretation of this song is realy dark and brutal! The EP has been also released in limited edition of 134 pieces on black-grey vinyl with special cover sleeve. Limited edition you can buy only on Insane Society webstore.

On Friday 11th September we are going to start short tour to Southern Europe. We will go with our friends of DEZINFEKCE, old Czech hardcore band. We will play in Austria, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Greece. Check the section Shows or our myspace profile for more infos.

Next year we will come to USA to play on Maryland Death Fest. Now we are areeing about more gigs in US. More info later.

In January 2010 we will record new stuff for upcoming split LP with VÖETSEK from Bay Area.



We recorded stuff for second part of compilation LP Poslouchate Jizni Cechy II. We recorded one new song called Hvezda, monstra, jasna noc and one older song Uniformita. As the third song on this compilation wil be used our cover of PHOBIA's Blood Sport.






Hello, here are some news from our band. We played minitour Unholy Trinity GRIDE, LAHAR, RADIOLOKATOR in SLovakia. It was very fun and enjoyed it very much. In this weekend we played gig with CAPITALIST CASUALTIES in Brno and it was really great. Thanx to all in mosh pit.

There is a long interview in new issue of Short, Fast and Loud zine. It is printed right now, so ask your fave distributor for it.

We prepare new stuff for split EP with thrashcore killers VÖETSEK, it will be probably released in this summer. Our split with THEMA 11 will be released in summer too. Cover sleeve is remaking and we still wait for completion of the intro on THEMA side.

In September we prepare tour to South Europe. We would lie to play in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Romania, maybe Italy. Help is needed, so if you can organize some gig for us, write please.



We will take part on compilation Poslouchate Jizni Cechy part II. We will record two new songs and one cover song. The compilation would be put out in Summer 2009.

We have made interview for next issue of Short Fast and Loud magazin, so keep in check.



LP version our new album is put out. Colored vinyl, huge booklet and printed inner record sleeve... it looks great! There was even limited edition released, but it's sold out already. You have to try your fortune on e-bay.

Psychocontrol rec. has  released the compilation of czech fast scene called Play Fast or Don't. We took part on it with cover song of NAPALM DEATH and unreleased song "O nicem". Other bands are: LAHAR, SAYWHY?, SHEEVA YOGA, NEEDFUL THINGS, PRUMYSLOVA SMRT, HIBAKUSHA, KOBRA 11, LYCANTHROPHY, RABIES, SCARTO, GREX a DEPRESY MOUSE.

Last week we played great gigs in Dresden and Bitterfeld. Thanks a lot to all organizers and hardcore freaks, it was awesome!!!



Insane Society Rec has released our new album in CD version. This nice digipack you can order on our contacts or on web of Insane Society records. LP version will be out on Play Fast or Don't Fest ( http://instinct.czechcore.cz/playfast/ ), where we will play too. There will be released even limited edition with another colour vinyl and added 7"EP. Press of this limited edition will count only 100 pieses.







Last week, we recorded in Shaark Studio new stuff for upcoming LP - Horizont udalosti (Event Horizon), which will be released by Insane Society records. This LP will contain 15 songs in 22 minutes. CD will be put out on Obscene Extreme Fest - 10.-12.7.2007. LP should be out on Play Fast Or Don't Fest in September. There will be even special edition with extra tracks. Keep in touch.



Insane Society Rec. reprinted T-shirts with picture from our split with MRTVA BUDOUCTNOST. Check it on www.insanesociety.net








Finnaly we have done a myspace profil. You can find us on www.myspace.com/gridecore. We also have booked a date for full lenght LP recording. We will record this stuff in Shaark studio in June this year. CD would be out on Obscene Extreme Fest in July and LP on Play Fast Or Don't Fest in September. We will play both of theese famous Czech fests.

During this studio session we also want to record stuff for split EP with THEMA 11. This EP should be released during Summer 2008 on Insane Society Rec.




All the best to our friends in New Year. Thanx a lot for your support.

Next week we will play with legendary NAPALM DEATH in a small club in Ceske Budejovice.

We have new T-Shirts too, check it on  www.psychocontrol.com 





Since New Year we have played many great shows, mostly in Czech republic. We played also in Linz - thanx Paulina - and Budapest - thanx Maté.

Next month we will play at Slovakia (see section SHOWS).

We still create new stuff for full lenght LP on Insane Society and also for split 7"EP with THEMA 11. We hope these records would be released in Spring 2008.



We wish all the best to you and especially to all people, who have helped us during this year - we hope you know, who you are! Thanks a lot!!!

There are added some new shows to section Shows - unfortunately mostly in Czech republic - and also review from Born/Dead zine from Canada to section Archive.

Our song Skripot was played on list of Equalizing X Distort program on CIUT radio in Canada.




We returned from our tour with LAHAR a couple weeks ago. It was really great and we thank to all people, who supported us during this journey. Some photos from this tour you can find here.

Last week we played the excellent gig at Kapu, Linz with Witch Hunt, Sick Terror and Rakkaus. Kapu is nice place to playing, beer is really strong and all bands, which played there were fucking great! We thank all organisators of this gig for inviting us. Photos from Kapu you can find here.

There are updated photos from 10 years Gride's anniversary show in this section.

Due to tour of DEZINFEKCE, where two members of GRIDE play, we probably won't play any gig to the end of this year and we want to concentrate to creating of new songs for prepared full lenght LP.



There are aded dates of our tour with LAHAR to the SHOWS section.




Split EP with LYCATHROPHY will be put out on Friday. If you are comming to OBSCENE EXTREME FEST you can buy it at Insane Society Rec. kiosk. You can also ask for our new T-shirts there.



After a long time there is some actueal informations about news and the band. We have recorded new stuff for split EP with LYCANTHROPHY - czech power violence fastcore. This EP will be released on Insane society rec. On Insane soc web page you can donwload MP3 of one song http://www.insanesociety.net/cesky/html/novinky_cz.htm

Our older songs were released on twou compilation tapes. First one is called GRINDCORE MASSARCRE and you can buy it on onlythemagicschoolbus@yahoo.com. Second one is benefit compilation for czech anarchist paper A-KONTRA. This compilation is called DISWAR and you can find there also LAHAR, CONTRASTO, KONTATTO, FEAR ME DOWN, LE TORMENTA, CAMPUS STERMINII, DOWRIGHT, INCOGRUENCE, LAHAR, KOMPLEX VINY, LYCANTHROPHY. Write on c_ml.hc@email.cz

We prepare tour with LAHAR in September. We would like to play in Germany, Poland. We need help with booking gigs, if you can organize some show for us, write please to Honza of LAHAR jan.kloucek@jce.cz


2.4. 2006

There have been added some reviews to the section ARCHIVE and also some photos from last gigs even from our history. We   also updated shows section.

Our friend Sergei from Belarus released 4 way split CD R with GRIDE / MALIGNANT TUMOUR / RACAK / DISTURBIO. Our part contains the material from our one sided LP Tanec blaznu. This CD you can buy through hero87@mail.ru

Next week we are going to record stuff for split EP with LYCANTROPHY. We should record it in February but because of an illness of our drumer we had to change recording date to April. W e will record 5 new songs and one cover song of PHOBIA for their tribute album.


So, we have finally finished at least a provisional version of web site. It's only temporary form and as every start it looks imperfectly and incompletely. The web site will increase, as life will run. You can help us when you send us photos from our gigs or reviews of our records, which you wrote to some zine or web site. We will publish everything – even if there will be some censorship of course :o) We would like to add some mp3 and video section on future, but have to be patient.

We released split EP with LAHAR – ultra fast hardcore band, one of the best Czech bands nowadays. There are only covers of southern bohemia hardcore and grind core bands. It costs 3 Eur / 5USD + postage and you can buy it here. Write which colour of wax you want – black or black/orange. 

We are going to record stuff for split EP with excellent Czech grind/power violence band called LYCANTROPHY in February. INSANE SOCIETY REC. will release this EP and our side will be aimed against religious fanatics. You can wait special limited version too. We hope the EP will be out in Spring 2006.