Gride/Lycanthropy 7"
European crazies Gride team up with Lycanthropy for what will surely be yet another overlooked delight from the Czech Republic. I love Gride. They play really fast and crushing with some seriously pissed off and basically non-stop vocals. As if the music itself is not incendiary, a great essay on the connections between religion and warfare accompanies the lyrics. Over the past few years more than a few drummers have really come into their own, Gride's Cert being one of them. This guy plays fairly complex, offtime bits mixed with tons of powerful fast blasts with lightening fast tempo changes. Overall, it's quite exciting. On the flipside, harsh grinders and fellow country-dudes Lycanthropy are back for another full serving of their heavy duty grind. This four piece offers more break downs than Gride, but these folks, playing a hybrid of power violence and brutal grind, like "Dynamite Up Your Ass" era-Hellnation jacked up on absinthe. I'm going to be sure to pick up their split with Malignant Tumor as soon as possible. A great release from Barvak over at...(Insane Society Records)
Born/Dead Nr.8  (CANADA)


Gride "1996-2003" (2003 -Plazzma Records-)
"1996-2003" is a discography release of Grid released by Plazzma Records (on 2003). 49 awesome songs about grindcore from Czech Republic: that's definetly extreme music, played with fine attitude and dedication; impressive heavy groovy chaos grindcore shaded with an unusual dose of noise elements, then sometimes sounding (very very very) extreme hardcore in the vein of Converge and Dillinger Escape Plan -with a little "industrial/noisy" touch- (but not always). This is what Gride play about, in fact it could sound also a bit static, 'cause gets very hard to listen 49 songs which stand mainly on the same style; but isn't too bad, don't worry.
Furious, chaotic blast-beats,insane guitars (sounding very original, higher than most releases), insane drums, high screams singing "throat-killer" and all you can imagine around this stuff.
"1996-2003" is definetly a solid "discography release", which never forget of course, about hardcore-roots.
If you love chaotic music, well you're welcome!!!!

Vote: 8/10


 Gride-1996-2003 CD


Oh yeah, Grind up your ass. I remember back the early 90´s a lot of Grind bands came from the Czech Republic and it always was well made. Also in the case of Gride I have to say that these guys rock really good and it´s like back in the 90´s 49 songs on one CD, great. Gride is not a typical Grind band, they bring in  a lot of Hardcore and Mathcore elements and mix them up really good with´s a little bit like Pig Destroyer would team up with Today Is The Day and Dillinger Escape Plan....a high speed collapse for your mind...highly recommended for Grinders all over the planet.



GRIDE - 1996-2003 cd

A CD anthoůlogy ofr Czech Rep's fastest band GRIDE. This is their entire back catalogue from 1996 to 2003 and includes their "Tanec blaznu" one sided LP, EP with COCROACH, "Happy Birthday" EP, "The Bloodbath is Comming" EP, split LP with MRTVA BUDOUCNOST, split EP with LIES AND DISTRUST as well as tracks from various compilations including cover songs of HEALTH HAZARD, INFEST, RUPTURE and CRIPPLE BASTARDS. If you've never heard GRIDE then you're seriously missing out on one of Czech Rep's most intense and extreme hardcore noise bands. Comes with a cool looking booklet with lyrics, comments and artwork from the original releases. A total of forty-nine songs of pure fucking hardcore rage. AGITATE Nr.:6

GRIDE - 1996-2003 cd

A forty-nine track discography CD of Slap a Ham style powerviolence with songs that linger around the one minute mark. Gride (who I'm sure Australian constantly mistake for Grade in conc´versation) were a Czech Republic band that existed from 1996 to 2003. This album brings together all of their recorded material, which was mostly released on compilations, tributes, and splits. While Gride's style is a little more interesing to your average fast-as-shit grind band, it's still fairy standard. MAH - HEARTATTACK 46

GRIDE "tanec blaznu" Lp (Chimeres rec)
New release from Czech republic. This lives up to their previous records. "Blasting" is probably the first word that comes to mind. 11 tracks of tight & brutal grindcore. I actually wonder how the drummer keeps up to it ! Imagine a bulldozer attack !? Hyper fast beats that at times "slow" down a bit for double bass drum parts, high pitched & screamt vocals, fast guitars with some modern (distorted, a bit "noisy") influences, they are probably the eastern ASSÜCK. Lyrics are slightly dark and filled with political & social meaning about humanity, violence, war & destruction, obedience, government control. Comes with English translation. It's a one sided LP !



1996-2003 MCD

This is a one hell of a release to go through. The cd compiles the recorded works of the Czech power violence/ fastcore combo Gride, totalling 49 tracks in audio + cd-rom tracks with some pictures, a couple of videos and a demo in mp3 files. That's an overload of fast and grinding stuff for your ears. Gride go for the throat so to speak - mostly fast grinding to stop-n-go hardcore and occasional slower parts. They also throw in bits of experimental parts with echoes, whispers and ambience, but never overdoing it, keeping it simple. Gride's style is based on the californian power violence standard but they have an approach of their own which gives them a recorgnizable touch. The czech language vocals also add spice to the mix. The first 12 tracks from their one sided 12" are full of tempo change and small hooks, being also with the fullest and brightest sound quality. The tracks on split 7" with Cockroach from 2000 have a crustier/muddier sound but the material is perhaps best from them. The split 12" with Mrtva Budoucnost brings another 12 songs more crustier approach. The tracks from their early split tape are rawer and the guitar sound is really strange. The rest are basically from various compilations plus one unreleased, weird sounding version of a czech traditional with child like vocals like on a christmas carol. Included are also coverversions from Infest, Rupture, Health Hazard and Cripple Bastards. The sound quality varies quite a bit from release to another, but mainly it has effect on the guitar whereas the drums are always really bright and in the front. The booklet is thick and has all the cover designs and lyrics printed as well as some commentary on the topics from their songs "Die kunst ist tot", "Echelon", "Blu-82/B" and"Amnesia". This is perhaps too much for one listen, but there's some killer material on those Gride recordings and this is a good chance to check out some fast european power violence. Play fast or don't.


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