Interview for zine from Belarus - It was done in spring 2005

1. first of all, give me some information about history of gride: what? where? when?

GRIDE has played since 1996. We have started as a band mixing hardcore and grind. The biggest influences in our early years were mainly NAPALM DEATH, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, DOOM and AGATHOCLES. We have had many line-up changes so far but I mean it's too boring for readers so I only say you that we are going through one line-up change right now and we regenerate band totally. you sing in 2 languages since playing together like gride? And what language do you think is your own?

We have lyrics mostly in Czech language because it's our native language and it's easer to express what we want. But in early years of band we tried to sing in English but it's wasn't too good and so we started to create Czech lyrics after about one year of band existence. I like bands, which have lyrics in their native languages a lot. Especially I'm fan of Hispanic-hardcore bands like for example LOS CRUDOS, SIN DIOS etc. I think it's great when band tries to undermine domination of English language in culture – official even alternative.


3.are there some diy punk groups in your city? please, write something about them and i'll be glad to get their contacts?

There are a few bands in our city but none of them is involved in DIY punk movement. They are only regional bands, which play occasionally and aren't known across boundary of our town. They are: UCHAZIM – punk rock, UKRADENA STRAKA OF AMERICA – alternative rock, FRANTIX – metalcore, NOIR – emocore, PETTING ZOO – grunge. Nothing for you as you can see. much do you touring and playing concerts? do you have on concerts such event like headliners and bands which prepare public to headliners? as we have...

We have regularly had tours each year but last year, and it looks even this year, we have had existence problems and so we some tours cancelled. We played in many European countries in the past, mostly with MRTVA BUDOUCNOST or SEE YOU IN HELL – for example Italy, Germany, Austria, Holland, France, Spain, and Slovenia. We played more often in the past than we play now because many of our members are really busy with their other bands (DEZINFEKCE, UCHAZIM, EXHALE). But we really enjoy each gig now, maybe much more than when we played each week. We have no statistic but I think we can have about 300 gigs on our account.

5.have ever have problems with government, state forces or something else because your group has political way for being serious group which pay attention to serious problems?

No, we haven't any such experience. I know bands, which were cancelled gigs because of pressure of secret police but we have had any cancelled gig due to this reason.

6.what you can say about your tapes and records? how many of them do you have and how people can get it?

Our discography is:




GRIDE – Happy Birthday 7"EP

GRIDE – Tanec blaznu – one-sided 12"LP

GRIDE – Discography 1996-2003 CD

We have some tapes with the same stuff like on records or CD and several songs on different compilations. Many of our records are sold out already but you can hear stuff from them on our Discography CD, which you can get on my address. We also still have several copies of Tanec Blaznu LP.

7.what do you think about conservatism in the punk scene? can we punish it or must leave it like it's being?

It's stupid. Punk has always been non-conservative music style, music of revolt, attack on conservative ideals and I really can't understand how it could happen, that punk is played with conservative or Christian lyrics. What bad joke is it? It's only evidence that religious or political systems are prepared to use all methods how to influence potential voters or members of their church. Kids like hardcore/punk so we will give it them but with new incorrect content.

Hm, to punish…it sounds too violent for me. When I hear it I imagine spanking or being on the rack for the only right belief like in the Middle Ages. I prefer boycott…total ignorance to them and no cooperation with such bands. you drink alcohol before concerts?

Sometimes :o) But we have to control ourselves because of quality of our production. We have had several gigs where we have played drunk and it isn't good for us even for audience :o)  So we rather drink after our show than before it.

9.what do you do besides playing in gride?

Outside band I work as a technician in a factory for measurement equipment, I'm active in trade unions, write to some anarchistic and hardcore papers and zines. Right now I start doing first issue of the counter-culture paper called Trhavina (The Explosive in translation).

Cert plays in another band called EXHALE, Maxeek and Puffy have their band DEZINFEKCE (since 1992!!!) and Paja plays in UCHAZIM and UKRADENA STRAKA OF AMERIKA.

10.there were many voices for Lupene(on france) on electing which propogand rasizm in society with any secrets? what do you think about it?

It's bad, of course but I'm more scared with covered totalitarism, fascism and racism, which you can find in many so-called normal conservative political parties. Le Penn is something like dog, which wants attack you, he is visible enemy and you have more opportunities to defend yourself. On the other hand latent fascism or racism covered in laws, government decrees, statements of politics etc are like a cancer…you can't see it but it can kill you. much are you meeting with scene dividing? this is punk, this is hardcore, this are girls, when they are not together.

Hm, I think we endeavour to collaborate with several sub-scenes and we play on different gigs. It's because everyone of us listen to different music a bit and so we have contacts to many people with participation in different sub-scenes. For example we played on some bigger metal/grind fests, on regional "independent" fests even on hardcore gigs last year and I think people enjoy our music and we were pleased with playing there. Of course we are gladder, when we can play on gigs where our fave bands play too but we like to destroy walls between sub-scenes and endeavour to contact it as much as possible. On the other hand I think that diversity between sub-scenes isn't so bad and it can be even productive in many ways. I wouldn't like to live to see united but total non-critical and lobotomised scene with the only right attitudes and music. much anarho- antifa etc. actions have you have in your city? Do you take part in this actions?

There are no anarcho or antifa activities in our town. Prachatice is really small town and there aren't too much active people. Moreover anarcho and antifa movement weakens even in big cities like Prague or Brno and so you can't be surprised when I tell you there are no organised anarchists in our town.

Personally, I have been involved in anarchist movement many years but I'm more and more busy with other activities and also disgusted with some things and so I'm not active a lot now. I give rather energy to trade unions in factory, where I work and to the band and magazine than to too virtual dreams about classless society. But I still consider myself anarchist and endeavour to live as I think it's right. do you think what's playing group which called Selfshit?

Cover songs from SELFISH.

14.please, give me names of people and groups which astinished you( in good sense and another way) in past 2004 year and may be in this 2005 year?

No Speed Limit Fest – Brno

LAHAR – amazing ultrafast hardcore band from Czech rep. (they live near to us and we prepare split EP)

SEE YOU IN HELL – Umet se prodat LP

Maxeek and Puffy – our new members – when they agreed with joining to GRIDE

Vöetsek – The Castrator Album LP


CRUDE – Immortality LP


UNCURBED and LE SCRAWL on Obscene Extreme Fest